Commutation - Police and Fire Service Fairer Commutation Campaign

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Commutation - Police and Fire Service Fairer Commutation Campaign

Post by Beachcomber on Thu Mar 05, 2015 7:10 pm

from 'Old & Bold' Forum:

In case you do not pick up on it, PO stands for Pensions Ombudsman. GAD stands for the Government Actuary’s Department. CF is commutation factor.
In a nutshell, because of changes in life expectancy the GAD should adjust the way commutation is calculated. There was an unacceptable gap between 1998 and 2006 which, the campaign is saying – and they are right, seriously affected the amount of commutation you will have received. A quick example shows that around £30,000 less for a retiring inspector compared to one who retired after 2006. The Pension Ombudsman ruled in favour of the campaign. The GAD appealed, were overruled and appealed again. We are still awaiting the next decision.


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