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Duductable Benefits Ptsd

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Duductable Benefits Ptsd

Post by Blackmax on Sat Feb 07, 2015 12:19 pm

Dear all, I just got my injury pension details and along with it came a threatening section about benefit entitlements and the fact they will be reduced from you injury pension.

Can anyone tell me if PTSD is an injury included for the purpose of benefits? If so what benefits and how will that affect me.


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Re: Duductable Benefits Ptsd

Post by Adversity on Sat Feb 07, 2015 1:18 pm

PTSD is certainly an injury for the purpose of the DWP. Depending on the level of your PTSD, you would normally look at applying for ESA, (possibly PIP but see below), and if it was caused by a work related incident-industrial injuries allowance.

As a police injury pension officer, despite the current legal 'issues', you must apply for ESA. Very unlikely that you will be given any ESA 'money' because DWP take into account your pension income, but you may qualify for your national insurance stamp to be paid-so you will be 'entitled to ESA' but you won't get money in your hand. BUT you must apply and then show the subsequent DWP reply to the police-saying they are not giving you anything. If you do not apply, the police can assume you are entitled to a DWP ESA payment, and take that amount off your injury pension. You need the DWP reply in writing, so do not just assume a phone call from DWP will be sufficient for the police, it won't!

Up to you whether you apply for PIP, the police have no say in PIP as the police can not take that into account.

You must apply for Industrial injuries, assuming a workplace injury on duty record was submitted.

How will it affect your pension-I cannot answer that because it is all up in the air at the moment, but certainly in the near future, any ESA payment you do receive will be taken off your injury pension. However be aware your injury pension is tax free. But ESA is taxable. So for example if you currently receive £1000 a month injury pension. You are then granted ESA of £500 a month. Your injury pension will decrease by £500. However you will straight away be given a new tax code, which effectively means the £500 ESA is taxed at £100 a month. So your monthly income will be £500 police injury pension plus £400 ESA (net)=£900. The way they deal with taxing the ESA is to give you the ESA seemingly tax free ie £500 will go into your bank, but they will tax your remaining ill health pension (which is taxable anyway) by an extra £100 a month.

Luckily the industrial injury benefit is a non taxable benefit so it is not so detrimental.


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