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Role of the SMP.

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Role of the SMP.

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 24, 2015 10:41 am

The role of the SMP is central to the issue of IOD reviews.  Historically,  the decisions made by SMP's FMO's or Force Surgeons were trusted and relied upon by all parties. The independence and impartiality required of the role was accepted and respected without question. Sadly that independence and impartiality has been eroded since Police Authorities imposed policies based on the HOC46/2004 guidance. Even though the guidance and policies associated with it have been thoroughly discredited and declared unlawful, the distrust remains. IOD pensioners are suspicious of their forces IOD policies, with good reason and there are plenty of High Court decisions and Pensions Ombudsman determinations to support this contention.  Sadly, the SMP is now seen as a tool employed by forces intent on using any means to reduce the cost of IOD pensions. That independence and impartiality of the SMP is no longer assumed, although it appears, at the time of writing, that a few of our members have recently been reviewed by SMP's in a professional and considerate way. A greater number of members who have been reviewed recently report quite the opposite and feel that they have been treated not only unfairly but with disrespect. This is not necessary and courtesy costs nothing. The reports of some of our members do call into question the suitability, even the integrity of some SMP's for their role, although we must not discount the possibility that SMP's are being influenced by the forces employing them to adopt unsympathetic approaches when dealing with IOD's.

We have seen from the Schoffield Review in Northern Ireland that SMP's there are unhappy with the situation and we can sympathise, to some extent, that the job they are doing is very difficult, especially as they are expected to determine the level of disability in terms of 'earnings capacity' rather than on a medical basis, as was the case previously.

Please post your views and experiences on this thread of the PIPIN Forum. Do not identify SMP's or other individuals involved in any IOD process by name or other means by which they can be directly identified. Please make sure of the accuracy of material posted.

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Can anybody help me !!!

Post by elysia on Thu Jun 23, 2016 9:52 am

Hi All,

i have never done anything like this before, but after recovering from a failed suicide attempt 4 months ago due to work issues i have again reached the end of my resilience again having to go through the process with an FME to referal to SMP. On being judged on am I ill enough to medically retire??? I WONDERED IF THEY WOULD HAVE BELIEVED ME IF I WAS IN A COFFIN.

I just wanted to know how other people have got through this ? as the thing that makes it worse is actually having to deal with a process that has nothing to do with looking after your welfare only seeks to break you.

How can people with debilitating depression AND ANXIETY fight such an organisation that continually changes the goal posts and facts to suit there best outcome.

please can somebody help !!! this is like a strangling vice that wont release.

I am an Inspector with 28 years service and a broken womeN.


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Re: Role of the SMP.

Post by RedDog on Thu Jun 23, 2016 2:38 pm

Sorry to hear of your problems. Have you contacted your Fed rep? If you haven't got a decent one then email the head of your federation. It is vitally important that you have good medical evidence from Consultants etc to support your case. It seems that some SMPs want to ignore that evidence but it is necessary for the appeal board if needed and further action.

The Fed can fund solicitors and independent Consultants if you have a decent case. When you feel vulnerable the last thing you want to do is fight any battles so that is why you need experienced help.

All the best to you.


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Re: Role of the SMP.

Post by Jacks Bro on Fri Jun 24, 2016 12:45 am

Hi Eliysia,

I was saddened to read your post. I agree with Red Dog. I am being retired with PTSD presently. Federation support is imperative, if your Fed aren't effective / supportive, the situation varies across forces get a fed rep from another force. There are national precedents for what I am suggesting.

In terms of medical evidence take a undisputable mountain. I took a very supportive GPs report which was critical of the force and two Consultants reports. The fed paid for both my reports the senior Consultant was a Professor and has completed studies on Police Officers. He and my GP were both explicit that I should be retired and the consequences if I was not. The federation funded my reports as my case is lined to a civil case against the force.

I would also join this group has experience of our experiences and will help with practical advice.

Jacks Bro

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Re: Role of the SMP.

Post by elysia on Fri Jun 24, 2016 9:03 am

I can honestly say from the one e mail i have written the support and advise i have had has been more productive and supportive than i have had in the past 3 years. I am being referred to IODPA. I will not be going to another meeting without my mental health worker and will be pushing for more evidence from professionals to assist me.

What has saddened me most is that I have spent 28 years fighting for the public not to be bullied harassed isolated.

I totally believed the police force did this.

The realisation is that the police are the Bullies!!!! and maybe the public have a view that i have never seen and hearing all your stories i feel sickened that i have invested my life into something that could treat other officers like me so badly. Bless you all


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Re: Role of the SMP.

Post by Sponsored content

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