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Police Dependants' Trust

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Police Dependants' Trust

Post by celticpeter on Mon Feb 02, 2015 9:20 am

Has any member experience /advice regarding  the PDT?    I live a few miles from Land's End , my relatively modest income (Band 3 since 1990) peaked a few years ago  and the costs of repairs / maintenance/ paid help are a daily worry. My Force Welfare closed 13 years ago ,  the last  direct application  I  made for assistance was rejected and has made me very reluctant to embark on further means-tested  form-filling. I have minor brain damage and double incontinence . My last official home visit was in 2007. One day the "police family" may see the need for a national  police IOD care organisation, if only there was one now.


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Re: Police Dependants' Trust

Post by Adversity on Tue Feb 03, 2015 1:51 pm

I cannot offer any advice about the PDT, I know I am signed into it, but haven't got a clue what they do. I wonder if the Alliance of Disabled former Police Officers which runs alongside PIPIN could offer any advice?

I hope that you are aware that certain continence conditions will entitle you to free prescriptions, such as if you have a stoma etc, your GP may not have made you aware of that. And if the incontinence means an increase in laundry washing/personal washing, you may be entitled to a reduction on your water bill. (Sorry these are personal matters to discuss, but 'every little helps').

We could do with something like the fire service have couldn't we. A gentleman I know in his 80's, ex fireman, is whisked off to the fire service convalescence home at least once or twice a year the moment he, or his wife, have any sort of problems with their health. He served his country, now the country is repaying the debt to him.


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Re: Police Dependants' Trust

Post by dj.brian on Sat Jun 11, 2016 6:01 pm

Appreciate old question, but the PDT are brilliant !

Due to spinal injuries I have issues in the bathroom/toilet/shower and getting up and down my stairs.
PDT came round and are FULLY funding everything I require in the bathroom and stairs !!!!
It is their 50th anniversary this year and I am going to be their "case study" to get them recognised more, and what help is out there for serving and retired police officers.
Cannot fault them at all, BRILLIANT NICE PEOPLE !!!!!!!
And obviously the work they do.

Contact me if anyone wants to know anything else about them or how to get in touch etc....

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Re: Police Dependants' Trust

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