Security and Confidentiality

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Security and Confidentiality

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 31, 2015 10:00 am

Pipin is an open resource. The web site is intended to be easily found by IOD's, particularly those who have haven't been involved so far and will inevitably be coming our way once the DBE's (dreaded brown envelope) start dropping through their letter boxes. Making the site totally secure is impossible, we simply don't have the criteria to vet large numbers of potential members. Therefore the Pipin web site is not password protected, although the forum does require membership in order to post messages and allow members to benefit from other features, such as the proposed 'Newsletter' that we are hoping to introduce. Everything on the web site and the forum can be viewed by anyone therefore it is not advised to post confidential information.

Confidential matters are normally dealt with 'offsite'.

The Avon and Somerset group have introduced a closed and completely secure bulletin board for their members. This is operating very vigorously and successfully and it would be a good idea for other groups to consider setting up a similar facility for their own force area.

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