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SMP Providers

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SMP Providers

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 24, 2015 9:57 am

Imported from the old Pipin Forum. Originally posted by Urtica on 24th May 2014.

A recent set of Freedom Of Information Act requests has given us an insight into where forces get their SMPs from. A list is set out below.

It appears that there has been some chatter - mainly in that notorious little talking shop of horrors, the National Attendance Management Forum - about setting up a national SMP service. We know that would mean a for-profit company owned and staffed by the new breed of Doctors who are in the profession only to make money.

At present, the idea for a national service has faltered, due to the inevitable difficulty of getting 43 ego-driven HR heads to agree on anything. No doubt the Home Office will keep trying to push this idea through as it would give it complete control over every aspect of how SMPs perform their statutory role under the injury pension Regulations.

All IOD pensioners should be aware of the steady erosion of the independence of SMPs. A few years ago it would have seemed inconceivable that any Doctor could abandon his ethics, and the Regulations, to the extent that he would reduce the injury pensions of over 70 disabled former officers of one force to virtually zero on the instructions of a HR manager quoting unlawful Home Office guidance.

IOD pensioners and serving or recently retired officers seeking grant of an injury award need to remember that the SMP is no longer likely to be an independent fair-minded individual. Many already are supplied by for-profit companies and will know that if they want to continue to be paid handsome fees for conducting assessments, then they must do as they are told.

There is, I understand, a register of Doctors who are 'approved' to work as SMPs. This register was compiled by the National Attendance Management Forum. You will readily see that the register could easily be just another means of control over SMPs - do what your HR consigliere tells you or your name is removed from the register.

Perhaps other members of PIPIN might like to comment on ways of helping SMPs keep within the Regulations, despite the whisperings in their ears from the NAMF, the Home Office and delusional ignorant HR entities. For example, is it easier to sue a limited company than a public body?

Avon and Somerset
The Constabulary are currently trialling two practitioners with the appropriate experience and training from the local area.



Acute Pennine Trust

The company that the Force currently uses for SMP provision is Healthwork Ltd.

The Constabulary uses the services of the following companies - (1) Wellwork and (2) Industrial and Organisational Health (IOH).

City of London
The City of London Police uses self-employed duly qualified Medical Practitioners

The Constabulary utilise Occ Health Medical Limited for the provision of SMP’s.

Devon and Cornwall
The Force has not used an agency in relation to the current SMP being used. A number of SMPs were approached by the Occupational Health Department to provide such services to the Force through clinical recommendation. The Force ensures that the Doctors approached have the necessary qualifications and meet the Force’s criteria for the role of Selected Medial Practitioner.

Uses IMASS as part of a regional contract.

Durham Constabulary currently uses HealthWork Ltd.

Dyfed Powys
Dyfed Powys Police utilises Doctors on a non-contracted basis to provide this service. These Doctors have been recruited through networking with other Police Forces

I can confirm that Essex Police do use the services of a Selected Medical Practitioner (SMP). This service is currently provided by Harlow Occupational Health Services Ltd, Stephen Taylor House, Edinburgh Place, Templefields, Harlow, Essex CM20 2DJ.
Update 25-05-14 - advised that Essex no longer use the Harlow company, but now use Dr Cheng who also works for the Metropolitan Police and Kent Police.

Greater Manchester
Greater Manchester Police uses Healthwork Ltd.

I can confirm that Gloucestershire Constabulary has used Healix in the last 12 months. Gloucestershire Constabulary currently use IMASS to obtain SMPs.

Gwent Police uses other suitably qualified and experienced medical practitioners for this purpose. These are very specialised medical practitioners who operate in the Occupational Health Field and we obtain them from known contacts. We only have a small number of referrals a year no more than 6-8 in any one year.

Hampshire Constabulary does not use Healix for its SMP activity but instead uses either Icarus or OHS partners


We can confirm our current provider is Healthwork

Kent Police has an independent Doctor who carries out the duties of a Selected Medical Practitioner (SMP). Kent Police has utilised the service of the SMP in the last 12 months. The SMP does not belong to a company.

The force has access to an independent Occupational Health Physician who is suitably qualified and experienced and able to carry out the vast majority of health assessments. The Constabulary also has access to other SMP provision based in larger groups / organisations (again, suitably qualified and experienced individuals) which can be utilised if required.

Leicestershire has recently undergone a tender process for the SMP service and this has been awarded to Occupational Health Medical Limited. This was done in collaboration with Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Police and the contract has been awarded for a 2 year period initially. Prior to this award Leicestershire were using Occupational Health Medical directly.

SMP services are provided by Occ Health Medical Ltd. in a regional agreement with other forces.

A member of the National Attendance Management Forum held at Tally Ho in Birmingham has recently put together a list of SMPs throughout the country but prior to this we obtained the list of SMPs via the ALAMA meeting (Association of Local Authority Medical Advisors). The force uses SMPs from this list.

Metropolitan Police
The MPS engages the services of doctors to perform the SMP role through Reed as part of the master vendor contract.

The Selected Medical Practitioner used by this Force is a Doctor who was appointed some years ago, and with whom we engage with directly rather than through a third party.

The force currently uses Wrightway Health for independent SMP services

North Wales
North Wales Police forward requests for SMP to either Mediscreen or Healthwork Ltd.

North Yorkshire
The force obtains SMP’s from a company called Healthwork.

Northumbria Police utilises a range of options for the provision of SMP services, i.e. services provided by an external occupational health provider - Industrial and Organisational Health (IOH), SMPs who work for forces independently providing this service, and also through the regional
SLA led by West Yorkshire Police

Nottinghamshire Police have recently gone through a tendering procurement exercise and a company called Occ Health Medical Limited was appointed to provide SMP services.  

South Wales
South Wales Police obtains Senior Medical Practitioner provision through M3OH Services Ltd.

South Yorkshire
South Yorkshire Police obtains Selected Medical Practitioners (SMP) from a company called Healthworks Ltd. This service has been utilised in the past 12 months.

Selected medical practitioner services are provided by PMI Health Group, The Courtyard, Hall Lane, Wincham, Northwich, Cheshire. CW9 6DG

We currently use Wrightway Health for independent SMP services

Surrey Police has a SMP contract with IMASS.

No response as yet

Thames Valley
Single SMP - personal contract

IMASS Group (From 01/09/13 to 31/08/14)

West Midlands
West Midlands Police do use the services of an SMP who is on the National
register of SMPs provided by the National Attendance Management Forum.

West Mercia
Industrial Medical and Safety Services (IMASS) Ltd (From 01/09/13 to 31/08/14)

West Yorkshire
West Yorkshire Police is provided independent Selected Medical Practitioner/Force Medical Advisor services from a company called HEALTHWORK

SMP is provided by IMASS with which we have a regional contract.

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