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Subject Access Request - Force is Requiring Return of SAR?

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Subject Access Request - Force is Requiring Return of SAR?

Post by Beachcomber on Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:24 pm

IODPA report that some members who have had their SARs returned to them by Staffs Police were contacted again by the Police to say they were sending PCSOs to the house to recollect the SARs. If that fails, they would then be sending a senior officer to the address.

This is a bizarre development and IODPA has contacted the ICO and that those ex officers who have had contact and subsequent threats, can complain via the  Please include any evidence in the complaint. The ICO will then look at these further complaints in conjunction with the complaints already made.

This is a really odd turn of events and it is difficult to discern the forces intentions here. Is it a clumsy attempt at intimidating pensioners or is it  something else?  There seems to be no logical reason to take this type of action and as far as I am aware the force have absolutely no grounds to demand the SAR and the personal data therein. Is the force just trying to bully it's own pensioners or are they trying to create confrontation with IODPA?

I am intrigued by this and await developments with great interest.  

Please contact IODPA for further advice:

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