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What on Earth is Happening in Staffs...

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What on Earth is Happening in Staffs...

Post by Beachcomber on Sun Dec 17, 2017 7:34 am

What on earth is this force doing?

I am appalled at the reports coming from Staffordshire IOD's who  have undergone reviews in the mass review programme. Has this force learned nothing from the events of the last ten years?  

The force has initiated mass reviews which, to me, look to be as bad as those that followed HOC46/2004.  Once again we have an arrogant police force bulldozing ahead with an ill conceived schedule of reviews, misusing the Regulations as an excuse to reduce IOD pensions and acheive it's own ends.

Even their SMP has jumped ship!  I don't know why he has withdrawn from this but he must have been persuaded to fulfill the role and would have been fully aware of what was intended. He must have very good reasons to cease so abruptly - has he realised that what he has been doing is very wrong?

Whatever the SMP's reasons, he will still be responsible for those already reassessed and therefore will have to justify his actions and decisions at PMAB and in the Courts.

When the crunch comes, it will be the PPA who has to shoulder the responsibility for this, I have no doubt that the PPA will try to shift the blame to the 'independent' SMP but nobody will be fooled.  The PPA is the recently appointed Chief Constable who was previously Deputy at Avon & Somerset, which also gained itself something of a reputation in IOD matters before suddenly ceasing to review it's IOD's.

I cannot imagine why any rational PPA would embark on such a crude and aggressive plan. Therefore I think this force has put itself intentionally on a collision course. Additionally, given the sensitive nature of the IOD situation, I feel that this force would have had some consultation with other forces, HO and NWEF etc. before setting out with this.

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