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Age Cut Off Point For Reviews.

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Age Cut Off Point For Reviews.

Post by Beachcomber on Sat Dec 16, 2017 9:40 am

I notice that Staffordshire have a age cut off point of 72 years in their current policy. It looks like this issue could be part of an wider contentious Equality discussion.  

I have long argued that a cut off point is essential, otherwise we would be forced to undergo reviews until throughout our lives. I understand that one certain force.has a policy of pursuing injury pensions until death (we all know which force!).

Without a point at which the pensioner can be sure that the reviews will have ceased, we will never have financial security and that is certain to result in unnecessary anxiety for the remainder of our days. This scenario will surely have further impact on the health of the pensioner and who wants aged pensioners in their 80's and 90's dragged before the SMP for review?

In the mass reviews that followed HOC46/2004 we saw IOD pensioners lose their homes, including homes adapted to cope with the Injury that resulted in the IOD pension in the first place. Terminally ill pensioners were suddenly subjected to review and pension reductions. Imagine a situation where a pensioner lives in a nursing home, is reviewed and loses income resulting in inability to meet the fees!

Many of us know how the prospect of continual reviews affects our health. It is highly probably that a sort of 'catch 22' situation could arise where the constant anxieties induce or exacerbate further health problems which an SMP then decides to apportion, resulting in a downward reassessment of the IOD pension.

Some of the older IOD pensions are really quite small, especially where the pensioner had to retire early in their service. In many cases a reduction would have a disproportionate effect.

It should always be possible for a pensioner to request a review but to impose reviews until death is cruel and unjust.

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When Should Reviews Cease?

Post by Beachcomber on Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:47 pm

When should reviews cease?

In order to have financial security in old age we need to have a fixed point at which Reg 37 reviews cease unless the pensioner requests it. At present some of the forces who conduct reviews have a point beyond which they don't intend to review unless the pensioner requests it. The more extreme forces do not have a cut off point and subject their IOD pensioners to reviews until they die.

Reviews are traumatic and certainly cause great anxiety so to pursue reviews into old age is cruel and uncaring and there cannot be any other purpose to these reviews than apportioning of any other health condition in order to manipulate the banding to the lowest level.  Aged and infirm pensioners are less able to defend their pensions so they are likely to be regarded as an easy target and it is only the least scrupulous forces who employ such extreme review policies and treat their IOD pensioners in this manner.

Some forces apparently do not review at all and others don't review beyond  certain ages, 70 in one force area, some at a lower age and in a force which has recently initiated a review programme, those who are within six months of the age of 72!!!

Even after so many years, the whole subject of IOD pensions and reviews remains a chaotic post code lottery. We are forced to constantly defend our position against some apparently deranged policies which make a mockery of the Regulations. In fact some PPA's insist that their policies are lawful and are in accordance with the Regulations when it is quite clear that the said policies are nothing of the kind. The IOD issue speaks volumes about the quality of Police management.

So, at what age should reviews cease, apart from where the pensioner requests a review?  

Without complicating the issue with age discrimination arguments etc. I would suggest that there is a closely related parallel already embodied within the Police Pension Regulations in K1 – 1 of the 1987 Regs,  (51 – 1 in the 2006 Regs).  Although this relates to the cancellation of ill health pensions, as I read it, it appears to include provision for review of ill health pensions if the authority so chooses.  

The wording is that the authority “may consider” as opposed to “shall consider” in the case of IOD reviews and the reason for such consideration differs to the reasons for IOD reviews. Nevertheless, we have a 'cut off point' effectively embodied within this particular Regulation.

To me, it is common sense to draw a line past which the pensioner would feel that their IOD pension was secure. If PPA's were to accept the same sort of approach and agree to the same cut off point, then it would be a very positive move.  It is only a minority of forces who pursue their IOD's relentlessly for their entire lives and there must be many people within the Police service throughout the country who find the practice reprehensible

Police Pension Regulations 1987

Police Pension Regulations 2006

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