The Magic Calculator...

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The Magic Calculator...

Post by Beachcomber on Fri Oct 13, 2017 9:15 am

The 'Magic Calculator' or 'Magic Money Machine' are among the terms used by IOD's to describe the way that PPA's calculate the level of disability based on 'earning capacity'. Some authorities have used something called the PEAM - Police Earnings Assessment Matrix.

Whatever they call it or however they try to dress it up it appears that these methods of calculation are nothing more than one of those trick calculations we did as kids that end up with a predetermined number - in the case of these calculations the predetermined number is one which magically places the recipient in a lower or the lowest band.

An example of predicting the answer:
Think of a number.
Add 3.
Double that.
Subtract 4.
Cut that in half.
Subtract your original number.
Your result is 1!

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