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Injury on Duty Pensioners Association.

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Injury on Duty Pensioners Association.

Post by Beachcomber on Thu Sep 28, 2017 10:01 am

Just a few personal comments ahead of the IODPA conference this weekend.

This is the first meeting since the association gained full charity status and also incorporates the first annual general meeting. It promises to be a very well attended meeting and, as usual, our solicitors will be in attendance to speak on developments and too assist our members.

Our defence of IOD pensions has come a long way since the days of HOC46/2004 when a few determined IODs challenged to might of the Home Office and those police forces who implemented the 'guidance'. Those individuals were very committed and that initial legal advice was  paid for out of their own pockets. All IOD's have benefited from the actions of those first few.

Following the initial advice, slowly a number of IOD groups were formed in those forces affected by the HOC. These groups then liaised through ADfPO which met periodically to confer with our legal representatives and coordinate efforts. The work of the groups, AdfPO and Pipin was all self funded.

The Police Authorities and later Police Pension Authorities, together with other official bodies have benefited from seemingly unlimited funding with many of them continuing their efforts to make cost savings at the expense of injury pensioners.  

Right from the start we have  had the authorities conjure up their own visions on IOD pensions and then apply these visions to their policies. Despite numerous High Court Judgements and Pensions Ombudsman Determinations some authorities continue to follow the same route. So we have what seems to be a never ending cycle of PPA's applying policies to their IOD pensioners which the pensioner then has to appeal and then take to Judicial Review. It is a 'David and Goliath' situation in which the PPA's try to use their might, power and resources to get us to 'knuckle under'. When this all began, the authorities thought that there might be a short period of outrage and then it would settle down – got that wrong too!

What has developed is that we now have IODPA, an organisation that takes IOD representation to a new level. IODPA has largely absorbed  ADfPO and many of the original forces representatives are active within IODPA. Up to now we have had to respond through the correct channels when the authorities act against us in a way we believe to be unlawful. We now have an organisation which' in addition to fulfilling it's charitable obligations such as welfare, will be proactive as well as defending IOD's in the established manner.

There are Chief Constables complaining about lack of resources and are cutting core services to the public yet there seems to be no limit to the resources available when pursuing IOD pensions. Yes, IOD pensions are an expense but those pensions are subject to Regulations. IOD pension provision is one of the pillars of the police service and to undermine those provisions will impact upon morale eventually.

It would seem that a lot of serving officers are unaware of how they will be treated if they are permanently injured. There are many IOD's who are probably not aware of the continuing threat to their pensions.

We have made huge progress over the years but we are still faced with threats and a post code lottery when it comes to IOD pensions.  We have challenged and clarified the law and regulations but the situation has increased in scope and complexity with additional layers of complexity yet to be explored. This work requires funds and I am asking all of us who can to support IODPA by becoming a member and/or assisting financially.

If you are an IOD, you cannot ignore the threat to your pension, you have a lot to lose.

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Re: Injury on Duty Pensioners Association.

Post by Beachcomber on Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:57 am

IODPA announce our new crowdfunding website;

Anyone can participate - please contribute to the defence of IOD Pensioners.

Pipin has made it's first contribution.

This is an important fundraising facility. Please help yourself and your colleagues by making a contribution. IODPA is our charity and it exists to achieve justice for police officers injured on duty.

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