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Merseyside CC Response.

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Merseyside CC Response.

Post by Beachcomber on Thu Sep 14, 2017 4:17 pm

Chief Constable of Merseyside Andy Cooke has responded to an letter written by IODPA outlining IOD concerns.

The correspondence can be viewed on the IODPA website blog:

The Chief Constable has consented to the reply being made public and this must be seen as a positive move.

It should be apparent to all concerned that there will eventually have to be dialogue before all the issues facing IOD pensioners and serving officers can be satisfactorily resolved. Currently, we have the endless round of forces attempting to reduce the costs of IOD pensions by attempting to manipulate or subvert the Regulations, followed by those IOD's affected having to engage in long and stressful legal battles. It is very clear that forces had hoped to wear us down and we would eventually give up but what has actually occurred is that IOD's have been very successful in their opposition and have gained strength.

The emergence of IODPA underlines the simple fact that we are here for the long slog and the organisation has become preeminent as the true representative of IOD officers and pensioners, sweeping aside the ineffectual official representative organisation. It is simply stupid for the authorities to ignore IODPA - this isn't 'the elephant in the room' this is a mammoth in the room!

It may be only one small step but I think that it is a very positive move for the Chief Constable to acknowledge us and engage with us. We have had false hope before, as well as false promises, I am thinking particularly of DCC Feavyour of Cambridgeshire back in 2013. Lets hope our forces start to see sense and start engaging properly with us.

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Re: Merseyside CC Response.

Post by oldandintheway on Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:49 am

I wouldn't call DCC Feavyours efforts "false hope" - didn't they lead to a rather more encouraging policy within Cambs/Beds/Herts? Feavyours policy, given his position as pension lead within ACPO, should have led to a national policy - they didn't - but weren't they a step in the right direction?


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Re: Merseyside CC Response.

Post by Beachcomber on Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:13 am

Yes, DCC Feavyour seemed like a breath of fresh air and, although not everyone was in full agreement, it was a very positive step forward for Cambridgeshire IOD's. Perhaps my use of 'false hope' was poorly worded but I was referring to the speculation at the time that Dcc Feavyour would become the ACPO lead on IOD's. Of course that didn't happen.

For information, the situation in Cambridgeshire back in 2012 was there seemed to be a more progressive attitude developing and  DCC John Feavyour consulted and involved IOD pensioners when putting together a new IOD policy for the force. The old Cambridgeshire Police Authority accepted Mr Feavyour's proposals in October 2012. Many of us saw this as very positive and there appeared to be a possible way forward for us all with Mr Feavyour being tipped to become ACPO lead on IOD matters. However, suddenly and suprisingly in May 2013,  it was announced that Mr Feavyour was retiring which caused many of us to pose the question 'did he jump, or was he pushed'?.

This is a letter to Cambridgeshire IOD's from DCC Feavyour:

DCC Feavyour Letter

I am all for proper worthwhile communication being set up between the PPA's and IODPA, It is likely to take some time for the authorities to accept IODPA and engage in some useful and effective dialogue. It should be quite apparent that our forces are never going to succeed in settling the IOD issue on their own terms and, perhaps naively, I am convinced that there are elements within who would like to resolve things but are reluctant to put their heads above the parapet, after all, the whole IOD situation has been a major embarrassment  and has reflected very badly on the police service and the Home Office. Equally, I am also convinced there are reactionary elements on the official side who would oppose anything less than total erosion of IOD entitlements and  these people have held sway in recent years.

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Re: Merseyside CC Response.

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