ICO Decision on Medical Records from Birth

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ICO Decision on Medical Records from Birth

Post by Beachcomber on Fri Sep 08, 2017 5:48 pm

One of our A&S colleagues has been involved in a long running challenge to the force insisting on holding his medical records from birth.

As we all know and, therefore should our forces, that the basis of a review is substantial change since the last review. It follows that if the force  does not need to keep historic records of pensioners.  We know that some forces insist on demanding and keeping medical records going back to birth  - for what possible reason?  It may be just because our forces are 'bloody minded' or they like to wield power over us but it is more likely so they can try to find some condition, any condition to apply apportionment or otherwise fiddle with the process.

The ICO has decided that the force has been holding excessive and unnecessary data.

This decision clarifies the situation considerably. All forces will be aware of the decision and IOD pensioners should be aware that IODPA can provide information and advice on how you may get your sensitive data returned to you.

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