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Staffordshire Narpo Update.

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Staffordshire Narpo Update.

Post by Beachcomber on Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:20 am

This is the latest from Staffs Narpo on the IOD situation in that force:

They don't seem too happy about IODPA. I would like to point out that IODPA, like this website and the injury pensioner groups that have coalesced into IODPA and have so successfully opposed attempts to unlawfully reduce our IOD pensions, consists of IOD pensioners working for the benefit of IOD pensioners. Most of us are also Narpo members and have been forced to organise ourselves. If we had relied on our official representation the story would have been over long ago and conversely, if we had been adequately supported a decade ago, then there would have been no need to the formation of the groups that subsequently lead to the creation of IODPA.

Anyone who has been involved with this issue will know that a number of very concerned Staffordshire IOD's have become members of IODPA who have been trying to make other Staffordshire IOD's aware of the situation and also the existence of IODPA. I understand that the suggestion that IODPA has somehow purchased the email addresses is incorrect and no lists have been purchased.

The whole issue of IOD pensions and associated regulations is complex and can be very confusing. IOD pensioners have been forced to take it on themselves to defend their pensions because it requires a level of commitment that is absent elsewhere.

Nobody is forced to become a member of any group or organisation and if an IOD pensioner does not wish to join IODPA, then it is their choice. I feel that IOD's should be aware that there is a group that offers mutual support and is operated by fellow IOD's. The individual can then make informed choices on how to proceed when it becomes necessary.

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Re: Staffordshire Narpo Update.

Post by Twix on Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:02 am

Can NARPO be relied upon? I note that the president of Staffordshire NARPO is the Chief Constable (as is the case in other forces) who is also the Police Pensions Authority.  

NARPO have been critical of the efforts of IOD's previously but the considerable success acheived by the pensioners has been due to their own persistence and commitment.


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Re: Staffordshire Narpo Update.

Post by oldandintheway on Sat Jul 01, 2017 11:17 am

The tone of the NARPO letter is antagonistic and insulting to IODPA. Why? NARPO have not won a single battle in this long struggle and consistently accept whatever HO and forces attempt to impose. They list on their website important legal milestones without acknowledging that the lawyers who fought those cases were NEVER engaged by NARPO but mainly by PIPIN and more recently IODPA. Whilst it is clear that they are not representing the interests of IOD officers, it must be very clear to them that IODPA does. Couldn’t they at the very least co-operate with us instead of dismissing and undermining us. I had had some hope when Steve Edwards took the helm but, like his predecessors, he has proved a terrible disappointment. Steve, I know that you are a member of PIPIN; if you’re reading this, please have a word with your Staffs branch - they are doing a great disservice to your members. Their letter and their attitude is a disgrace.

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Re: Staffordshire Narpo Update.

Post by Roger Melly on Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:12 pm

I have used this forum to great effect in conjunction with the PF in my claim and appeal. NARPO provides me with nothing more than travel insurance. I can see the benefit of social gatherings but I don't need an organisation to keep me in touch with people I want to stay in touch with. Really disappointing they need to attack when collaboration would place them better to serve the membership.

Roger Melly

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Re: Staffordshire Narpo Update.

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