Grossly Excessive SMP Fees

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Grossly Excessive SMP Fees

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:53 pm

Referring to part of the content of an IODPA blog:

It is reported that a certain SMP was paid to carry out reviews on the degree of disablement of former officers who are in receipt of injury pensions. In over three years and 46 billed days he managed only six for which he was paid £146,000 Avon and Somerset Police Pension Authority (PPA) ,

This is an astonishing and obscene amount of money. The authorities have often claimed 'protection of the public purse' as justification of their attempts to reduce the costs of IOD pensions without regard for the legalities which create and  regulate such pensions. What possible justification can there be for this?  How is the 'public purse' being protected here and where is the financial oversight?

Elsewhere on the blog item it points out that since 2008, appeals into the mistakes of HR and SMP's has resulted in costs of some £4.3 milion.

Please Note: The above figures are understood to have originated from official sources. If any of the official bodies concerned wishes to dispute these facts and supply verifiable alternative figures we will be pleased to make any necessary correction.

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Re: Grossly Excessive SMP Fees

Post by Twix on Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:48 pm

Has he really been claiming - and been paid - over £3.000 per day?


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