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Abandonment of Reviews

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Abandonment of Reviews

Post by Beachcomber on Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:18 am

The news that Avon & Somerset have abandoned their automatic review programme is very welcome news for us all, especially our friends and colleagues in A&S who have worked so hard.

A&S say that this is consistent with similar actions in other forces but we can be sure that, for a force which has been so hellbent on pursuing IOD pensions, the programme has not been dropped for altruistic reasons. This development must have resulted from some serious advice to discontinue the process. We do know that the Met and Cambridgeshire have acted in a similar way but there are a number of forces who are, as far as we know, either reviewing such as Staffordshire, Northumbria and Nottinghamshire or like Derbyshire, intending to start a review programme. The next few weeks or months should reveal if this is a general trend. Of course some forces may 'go off on a frolic of their own' and do something completely different.

One thing is sure, the IOD issue is not over and we cannot become complacent, there is still a lot to do. IODPA will continue to work for IOD's serving or retired.

Whatever the future holds for IOD's, we do know that IOD's need to be included at every level and stage. If forces continue, at some point in the future, with their same tired old policies and the same, discredited people, then the struggle will go on for a long time.

Over the last decade or so, the system has destroyed the integrity of the SMP generally and if this is not corrected, no-one will trust the system again.

Also, something which is abundantly clear is that IOD's need to be represented by IOD's who are committed and not by our official representative organisation which has proved itself totally ineffective.


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