An Absurd Situation.

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An Absurd Situation.

Post by Beachcomber on Tue May 02, 2017 9:20 am

We all know how the system works - or at least how our lords and masters want it to work.

IOD disability is calculated on the effect of the injury on earning capacity which doesn't have to be a labour market assessment and boils down to an assessment of injured earning capacity compared to uninjured earning capacity and is therefore something of a 'dark art' which is open to manipulation and abuse.

So if the SMP/HR can come up with a high injured earning capacity assessment it is likely the IOD will be on the lowest band. All they need to do is find a job or jobs, wherever they might be located, that the IOD appears to be qualified for and 'bingo'.

They haven't yet twigged on to the fact that there are very highly paid jobs available which require no qualifications or previous experience and pay a starting salary of £74,962.00 per annum together with a generous pension plan plus expenses.

There are currently 650 vacancies and successful candidates will be appointed on 8th June.

For more information:

Job Description

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