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Security of Data and records

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Security of Data and records

Post by Beachcomber on Sun Apr 30, 2017 4:57 pm

Security of medical records, Occupational Health records and other data is also causing concerns among IOD's.

My first area of concern is when you consent to the SMP accessing your medical records. Who actually has access in addition to the SMP? How many hands will your information pass through? How many people will read it? Clearly those records are intended for the SMP only and there are sure to be some that contain details which are highly confidential and have no relevance to the review. How many times have these details been accessed by an HR office worker and, it has to be asked, have those details been referred or discussed to others to snigger at, either in the office or beyond.

To my way of thinking, if your records go to the SMP, then they should be sealed and only the SMP should see them and a record of access should be supplied to the IOD. This is reasonable and there is no reason why the medical records should not go directly to the SMP who can handle them in a completely secure manner.

Another area which is causing concern is the outsourcing of medical and OH details to private companies who are increasingly becoming involved in the administration of our pensions etc. I understand that these companies have to be licensed to handle data in different ways.

All our pension data should be kept absolutely securely, especially where IOD's are concerned because the confidentiality of the information. How can we be sure that this is so?

What concerns me is that outsourced data could be processed offshore. I have a feeling that there are some territorial restrictions on this at present but my fear is that sensitive and confidential information could end up being processed in a location where security is more easily compromised. I recall a TV show which discovered that outsourced banking details being sold in large numbers from processing centres in the far east.

How attractive would our data be to a terrorist organisation and how easy would it be for them to obtain it?

I know we have got one or two security experts among us who might appraise us of the details and dangers or reassure us as appropriate.

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