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Band One Reviews?

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Band One Reviews?

Post by Beachcomber on Mon Feb 27, 2017 9:04 am

Elsewhere on this forum, attention has been drawn to a force which intends to review all it's IODs - apparently with the exception of those on band one. As far as I can recall, this seems to be a general policy among those forces who have conducted reviews over the last few years with forces only reviewing those where a reduction could be made, ie, band two and above. Some forces have targeted the highest bandings first.  

Those forces who do conduct reviews have often cited the regulations which require that they 'shall' consider reviews at suitable intervals, indeed, i remember a certain Chief Constable declaring that the review of IOD pensions is 'mandatory'. Regulation 37 says:

37.—(1) Subject to the provisions of this Part, where an injury pension is payable under these Regulations, the police authority shall, at such intervals as may be suitable, consider whether the degree of the pensioner’s disablement has altered; and if after such consideration the police  authority find that the degree of the pensioner’s disablement has substantially altered, the pension shall be revised accordingly.

To my addled mind this is quite clear and makes no distinction between the various bandings and therefore any review programme should apply equally to those on band one. There must be many band one pensioners who's disablement has substantially altered and are entitled to an increase but may be unaware of their entitlement

Band one pensioners can request a review but how many know. Surely the criteria of a proper inclusive review policy would apply equally to band ones and , as far as I can see, the regulations require it to be so!

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