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Surveillance by Northumbria

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Surveillance by Northumbria

Post by Defender on Mon Feb 08, 2016 8:52 pm

The aspect of surveillance of IOD’s has been raised on several occasions before, and I thought you may be interested to hear my own experience. In 2004 I became aware of periodic surveillance in my immediate neighbourhood. One day I left my home to drive to a car auction, on route I became aware of being followed, since I had nothing whatsoever to hide I continued my journey. The car auction was busy and crowded but I noticed two individuals who I recognised to be serving Police Officers in the crowd. I disappeared from view and approached the officers from behind and started a friendly conversation. It soon transpired that they were not at the auction to purchase a vehicle! So I asked them what had brought them to the auction that day and one of the officers candidly replied ‘ You Did’ adding ‘We are here to conduct surveillance on you’ I have to say we both found the situation rather amusing and after a friendly conversation we parted company. To this day I do not hold any malice against the two individuals concerned they were only doing what they had been tasked to do that day. I must stress that this sad episode dates back to 2004 and I have no knowledge or experience of any such behaviour since. So why post a very historic incident now……well do please continue to read on.
Around the same time period above I became aware of the activities of a small time drug dealer in the town where I live. Nothing special there……. every town has one. However over the years since this incident above I have watched this individual’s criminal activities grow and expand. At the same time my local police station has closed down and is now for sale, taking with it the most of the uniform presence in the town and several specialist squads. The local high school where my child attends is awash with drugs (specifically Class A – ecstasy, Class B – cannabis & Class C – steroids and various pills beyond description) Now you may be thinking….poor Defender he/she lives in ‘shitsville’
No actually I live in a nice town classed as a desirable place to live and my child attends a ‘good’ school with glowing OFSTED reports. The local drug dealer in 2004 lived in a small flat above a shop, today one of his homes is for sale not far from where I live, the asking price £1.5 million….sadly due to the lack of buyers he has had to reduce the price to £1.25 million.  I am sure the dealer in question will have a very secure pension laundered away safely into a sunny climate somewhere. One can’t help but conclude that had more attention been correctly resourced by Northumbria Police in 2004 this individual’s criminal activity could have easily been stopped in its tracks.
I would like to add the following, in 2004 I was not the only IOD to undergo a ‘surveillance program’  At the time I was not under review… current and very long standing review did not start until 2006. I have on several occasions communicated with Northumbria Police with regard to the information above……..and no Defender is not a dodgy car dealer either!


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