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NI contributions, to pay or not ?

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NI contributions, to pay or not ?

Post by RossyUK39 on Sun Dec 13, 2015 5:30 am

I hope this is the correct place to add this topic.

In December 2013 I was medically retired after 19+ years service and since then obviously not worked, therefore not paid any NI contributions. I am in receipt of a Police pension and injury award.

I have requested a State Pension summary, which will start for me in 2031, aged 67.

Does anyone know if I should voluntarily pay a "stamp" ?

Thanking you in anticipation


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Re: NI contributions, to pay or not ?

Post by Adversity on Sun Dec 13, 2015 1:57 pm

Hello Rossy

Have you tried to claim any of the DWP benefits that you may be 'eligible' for?  I know that your first thought will be that your pension will prohibit getting such benefits, but you can actually 'qualify' for a benefit but at the same time not qualify for any actual monies to be paid. BUT the qualification itself will mean, with certain benefit entitlement, that the DWP will pay your NI credits.  If you are not claiming any benefits and want to go down this route, act fast, because for contributions based credits, you must have left work within a certain time period (2yrs rings a bell), so that your previous NI contributions count.  

Also be aware that you must have tried to claim certain benefits to keep the police pension department happy, otherwise they (police) may deduct from your pension, any benefits they feel you should be entitled to, even if you don't get any.  You need that piece of paper from the DWP saying you are entitled to nothing to cover you.

You may find the state pension summary people delay contacting you, as they are prioritising people about to retire, and there has been a huge surge of applications as people have just cottoned on to the new state pension scheme.  The government have promised to contact everyone as soon as they can, to give them a projection of their expected pension, and to state whether the person can stay under the old scheme, as they would be better off, or join the new.  

If you do make voluntary NI contributions, it used to be around £300 a year, but now has hit around £600.  And you need 35 total years to get a 'full' pension, BUT remember that you will not get the current level of state pension broadcast of around £155 a week 'for everyone', as you contracted out of the SERPS, being in the police scheme.  Lots of people do not realise that!  If you do nothing, the NI people send you a letter each year, reminding you that you can make voluntary contributions, and state the amount they would need.

Hope that helps


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