Notts Officer Sacked....News Story.

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Notts Officer Sacked....News Story.

Post by Beachcomber on Thu Dec 10, 2015 5:35 pm

This story is reported in the national press today:

Police Inspector Fired.....

The application for IOD retirement was not accepted and the officer did not appeal. IOD retirements are not handed out like sweeties and the officer must surely have undergone medical examination to justify the application in the first place.

Many IOD's swim and engage in activities. indeed, for many this is essential and they do so with encouragement of their Doctors. Exercise is very often part of the prescribed course either in recovery or in maintaining a level of fitness which, for IOD's, can be considerably lower than their pre injury level of fitness.  

The use of surveillance of injured officers has occurred previously. It should not be necessary to spy on injured officers because the nature of any medical/injury condition can be readily established by referral to the appropriate medical professional services that are are available to the force and the officer. Those of us that have been through the iOD process will know just how stringent this can be, although we have many reports of serious dissatisfaction with the SMP's in some force areas.

There would appear to be other issues in the background to this particular case and I hope this case is a 'one off' and doesn't signify some sort of new policy intended to deter injured officers by trying to discredit them.

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