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The Scoffield Report - Northern Ireland.

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The Scoffield Report - Northern Ireland.

Post by Beachcomber on Fri May 01, 2015 9:27 am

The Northern Ireland Policing Board have now released a redacted version of the Schoffield report.

The Redacted Version of the Scoffield Report.

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Re: The Scoffield Report - Northern Ireland.

Post by Urtica on Sat May 02, 2015 10:37 am

Take one eminent QC, give him free rein to enquire into the way police injury pensions are managed in Northern Ireland, and what do you get?

A very long and detailed report, which the Northern Ireland Policing Board initially refused to release in its entirety. No wonder - it is full of usefull stuff. The Board has relented under pressure, and now we can read the full report - and very interesting it is.

Also, very relevant, for the injury pension regulations in Northern Ireland are more or less identical to ours. Like the IOD pensioners in Northern Ireland we on the mainland have suffered more than several-barrels-of-Guinness-full of maladministration and abuse of the regulations, so what David Scoffield QC has to say will resonate over here.

In the report's nearly 300 pages there are many excellent recommendations, but I am going to select just one to mention for now. It concerns how degree of disablement is calculated. HR types in some forces have been driving a pony and trap through the regulations and using various arguably unlawful methods to 'assist' the SMP to decide degree of disablement. One such is the Police Earnings Assessment Matrix, or PEAM for short.

HR think they can determine degree of disablement by comparing the 'lost' police wage with a speculative future wage which, in their humble opinion, you might be qualified to earn. A bit like saying your dog could juggle two bananas with its front paws whilst reciting the Ballad of the Belle of Barking Creek, in the original Braille version.

Scoffield pours polite but scathing scorn on attempts to calculate medical matters by non-medical means. You have to read it for yourself to get the full flavour of QC style common sense, so here it is:

'1.35 I also recommend that, in the course of such a further review of Northern Ireland specific policy guidance in this area, serious consideration should be given to abandoning the currently recommended method of calculating percentage disablement, including detailed reliance on the ASHE survey and comparison with the officer’s notional uninjured police salary, in favour of a much more basic approach, whereby the relevant medical authority would simply make a judgment in the round as to the severity of the impact of the duty injury on the officer’s earning capacity, so as to select the officer’s appropriate band without the need to calculate a specific percentage disablement figure.'

In plain English, it means, stop messing with the regulations.

The Scoffield report can be downloaded via this link:

Scoffield Report


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