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request a review of your Injury award.

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request a review of your Injury award.

Post by Stoke Bloke on Wed Apr 15, 2015 7:54 pm

I am aware that Staffs IODP 80-90 % are in Band 1 of 4. This amounts to something like 340 on the lowest band. Officers should be aware of their right under Reg 37

The Police (Injury Benefit) Regulations 2006
2006 No. 932
Regulation 37
Reassessment of injury pension

37.—(1) Subject to the provisions of this Part, where an injury pension is payable under these Regulations, the police authority shall, at such intervals as may be suitable, consider whether the degree of the pensioner’s disablement has altered; and if after such consideration the police authority find that the degree of the pensioner’s disablement has substantially altered, the pension shall be revised accordingly.

So in theory if your condition has worsened you should be considering in asking for a review. Spread the work folks , it's your right and it's not common knowledge

Stoke Bloke

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