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I am going through consideration for IHR related to IOD but have some issues

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I am going through consideration for IHR related to IOD but have some issues

Post by Nagafireball on Wed Apr 08, 2015 3:14 pm

Hi folks, I'm a newbie but have been lurking here and other forums and also in touch with Fed but answers seem to be in short supply Smile
My issues are that I injured my spine during self defence training a few years ago.
I had a limited history of back pain over the years prior to the self defence injury but there was a long period of 7-8 years without any problems. The injury occurred and was reported as IOD I had usual treatment of physio, meds etc. I never went sick as had complicated CID job on.
The following year due to management pressure I did self defence again and injured my spine again doing bleep test. This was recorded as continuation of previous injury. Went through usual process with FMA and NHS snails pace until Force paid for MRI which showed torn and damaged/worn discs.
Due to my commitment I was soldiering on through pain and side effects of meds etc but had recorded worsening of condition over time via PDR and through asking for financial assistance to see consultant etc.
This went on over a couple of years and I was doing a great job as a specialist, commended etc and keeping my head down. Matters came to a head when new managers I my dept were obliged to send someone to help out a struggling dept on the other side of the Force. They chose me with a weeks notice and i objected due to extra daily driving and other difficulties I would have faced in the new place that would have caused my condition to deteriorate. Firstly informally then formally via requests for reasonable adjustments etc

Now Police bosses being as they are dug their heels in and over a period of about six weeks their complete ignorance and refusal to adhere to employment laws, regulations and their own doctors medical 'advice' culminated in them refusing to postpone a meeting they wanted with me about the issue for a day or two for my rep to be present. The meeting went ahead at their behest where I was 'ordered' to go to the other place.
The stress of my fight with them and their refusal to adhere to the laws and regs caused me stress which manifested into depression following the refusal to allow me a rep. I went sick with depression raised a grievance and an ET. I was sick for about 5 months and returned on a phased return. The grievance went nowhere other than 'learning' the ET is ongoing where no end of dirty stunts on part of force legal team u ave taken place over last two years.

My depression was caused by the bosses wrongdoing and despite having 12 months in work without sickness whilst under counselling and strongest doses of meds I have fallen sick again. I am due to see the SMP in the next couple of weeks for the back issue and also for depression.

Throughout the issue of my depression I wished it recorded as an IOD but have been met with lies, diversionary tactics and blatant refusal. I had never had any mental health problems prior to the bosses bullying of me and this whole issue has now cost my marriage as my poor mood, illness and strong reliance on other half for support and everyday living sent my other half into the arms of another person.
Whilst I just about coped with my back pain and depression before my partner went off, now my support system has gone I have no desire to go into work when in pain or indeed when I am feeling low. Before my partner left I was committed to the job, and wished to remain even if restricted - their treatment of me and the subsequent result has left me now hating the job and I just want to leave.

I have no faith in the SMP process after reading this and other Forums and indeed I am not relishing further fighting with the force via the legal processes as I want to get mentally well and start to rebuild my life.
The consultant commissioned by the force has written and said my spinal condition will get progressivel worse and their is no surgical target available, my goodwill to manage stoically has gone and I feel my career is at an end. This is my 19th year of service. I have limited skills outside of Policing but have undertaken some self learning.

How should I get the IOD to my mental health recognised?
How will the IOD issue regarding my back injury be dealt with as there was a previous limited history of back pain which was muscular and not skeletal?
Any tips in dealing with the SMP at his examination of me?
I don't want the runaround or indeed don't want any more fighting in Court or internally with appeal boards, pension ombudsman etc.
what advice is there available? The fed reps are supportive but don't really have much information to provide and there job is 'to manage my expectations'. I find this difficult to grasp as my expectation is to be retired with dignity and respect however following a fed circular letter yesterday regarding 'adjusted duties' I fear that instead I will be forced to remain working for an organisation I hate, doing the same job I've done for past five years but having my pay cut by 8% on account of injuries on duty!

It seems like a whole new nightmare is waiting to torment me once this current bad dream ends.

I don't know if this forum is for discussing issues such as mine? I've looked for advice elsewhere but NARPO doesn't seem to fit as I'm not yet retired and other sites don't like to discuss ongoing issues as such.
A very long first post but I feel it's important to lay out the story before asking for advice

Thanks in advance


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Re: I am going through consideration for IHR related to IOD but have some issues

Post by wpcbunty on Wed Apr 08, 2015 10:38 pm

There is a lot to take in and unpick Nagafireball.  Actually, just reading your post makes me feel like you are having to eat a whole elephant in one sitting.

If you were diagnosed with depression by your GP and given some meds, how were you diagnosed?  Was it recorded on your GP's notes that your depression was caused what happened in the workplace?

There are a battery of psychological tests, so if you can find a psychologist who is specialised in depression that would be a start.

Dr. John Durkin is a retired firefighter and has specialised in this area.  You should be able to reach him on this number  020 3290 0265.  London based.

Alternatively, I can recommend these guys:  I know they are on the West Coast of USA.  But I know of nothing to compare in the UK, or even Europe.  

Both would be in a position to give you a detailed assessment for use and both would be able to help with treatment.

This organisation made a recent post on here but I know nothing about them.

Have you raised a grievance?  I know you said you have no desire to have long battles but my experience is, that if it isn't in writing, it didn't happen.

You have to eat the elephant in small chunks.  And the first chunk as you recognise is to start to get some personal strength back.


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Re: I am going through consideration for IHR related to IOD but have some issues

Post by Nagafireball on Thu Apr 09, 2015 4:07 pm

Hi wpcbunty, thanks for reply.
Drs notes have confirmed work related stress and depression. Force have refused to record it as IOD after messing about over it for months with lies and avoidance, however they have paid for numerous sessions of CBT with external providers as my paranoia wouldn't let me see the internal OH counsellor's - i have notified the DWP but they wont recognise it as an Industrial accident. But the forms are held on my record.

Ive been battling with my ET and grievance for two years now and have still got nowhere fast! The ET is ongoing with trial date set for later in year, the grievance was swept under carpet as it was against senior management!
I will try those recommendations that you posted, thanks for that Smile

I have a lot on my plate at the moment but the first hurdle is seeing the SMP, i don't really know what to expect, i will ensure it is recorded as i don't trust anyone at the moment with regards to my future.

Is there anything i should ensure that the SMP records when i go to see them? I've read some horror stories about some SMP's and want to make sure i have all bases covered in case there is a need to fight in the future.
GP has been of little use - just writes the prescription, i take the pills and that's it, i suppose the pills calm me down enough to stop me hurting myself or someone else despite the intrusive devils in the head and the anger issues.

I will keep posting as it may help someone else going through the process

Thanks again


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Re: I am going through consideration for IHR related to IOD but have some issues

Post by wpcbunty on Thu Apr 09, 2015 8:21 pm

Personally, I found that the SMP wrote whatever they wanted to write, regardless.

I would seriously consider taking a friend with you. Not a friend who has emotional involvement with any outcomes. But someone who understands the challenges of being a vulnerable adult with a mental health issue and how difficult it can be to process information. It might be worth looking at MIND to see whether you can get their support with Mental Health Advocacy

I found another phone number for Dr. John Durkin. 0207 735 3737 He understands all too well the challenges you will be facing.

Have you obtained copies of all your service (personell) records and the records kept by OH? However painful I found these, I was then able to see first hand what was going on. And what had been written about me.

I am at a loss to understand why DWP won't register this as an Industrial Injury. Mine was registered as an Industrial Injury after an assessment.

Visualise a chess board. There really is no quick fix to this sad to say.


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Re: I am going through consideration for IHR related to IOD but have some issues

Post by Sponsored content

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